Do people come to you knowing what they want to do? 
Clients come to us at a range of stages, from wanting to give back and not knowing where to start, to caring passionately about one particular issue and needing direction, to seeking help improving existing efforts. 

Do you only work with celebrities?
Our clients include foundations, corporations, celebrities and non-celebrity individuals.

Do you do fundraising?
Our strategic planning services include understanding the full range of funding opportunities.

Who would work with me? 
Each GPG client works with at least one partner and a team of GPG staff members who are assigned based on prior experience, availability and passion for the issue topic. We also work collaboratively to access any of our firm's resources at any time as needed.

Do you work with any specific non-profit organizations or have preferred partners?
We represent the philanthropist’s interests and focus on need within given issue areas. We have extensive knowledge of the range of non-profit organizations, but do not have preexisting partnerships or preferences.

I have a non-profit organization or project that your clients should know about. How can I inform you about my organization?
Please register with our Expert Network. We will reach out to you if there is an opportunity to collaborate.

Is philanthropy all you do?
Yes, we do not manage your money, sell products or serve as a family office.