Philanthropy strategy firm expanding services to advise technology startups on philanthropy/business model integration

LOS ANGELES, February 25, 2015 – Global Philanthropy Group, a strategy consulting firm that advises the world’s leading philanthropists, announced today the launch of a new practice area supporting startup businesses. Global Philanthropy Group will leverage its experience driving some of the most well-known philanthropic efforts to create tailor-made strategies for startups wanting to build philanthropy into their business models from the earliest stages. This practice follows the 2013 launch of Global Philanthropy Digital, which leverages technology and social media platforms for philanthropic impact.

“As part of our Global Philanthropy Digital work, we found that many startups want to integrate doing good into their business model from the outset, but weren’t sure how,” said Trevor Neilson, Co-Founder and President of Global Philanthropy Group. “More people are realizing that, in this soon-to-be-run-by-millennials world, philanthropy can no longer be an after-thought for companies, but is instead a critical success component.”

Recent data shows that incorporating philanthropy from the start can be a compelling strategy, particularly for companies targeting millennials, who have annual direct spending power estimated at $200 billion. For example, companies with causes integrated into their brand can see a competitive advantage: 89% of U.S. consumers are likely to switch brands to one associated with a cause, given comparable price and quality. Data also shows that ignoring philanthropy can be detrimental to business, with 93% of millennials stating they would boycott a company for irresponsibility and 87% agreeing that “business needs to place at least equal weight on society’s interests” as it does on its own interests.

“We’re seeing a shift in how businesses operate” said Maggie Neilson, Global Philanthropy Group Co-Founder and CEO, “rather than integrating CSR programs later once they mature, startups are engaging in philanthropy from the inception as part of their consumer and employee engagement plans.”

Global Philanthropy Group has worked with a range of startups and technology platforms, from early stage ventures to well-established companies. One example is IfOnly, a company offering unique, personalized and memorable experiences with luminaries in food, sports, arts and entertainment. “Integrating philanthropy was a critical component when we founded IfOnly,” said Trevor Traina, Founder and CEO of IfOnly. “The luxury industry has a legacy of philanthropy and as luxury goes digital, we know that giving will continue to be a critical part of our success. When we launched IfOnly, we intentionally required every luminary to donate a meaningful portion of proceeds from items or experiences sold on our platform to charity.”

Global Philanthropy Group will host a series of events about philanthropy and technology in 2015, starting with a private event in February in partnership with Departures and Trevor Traina in San Francisco. To request more information and learn about upcoming events, please contact:

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