When looking to most effectively pass accumulated wealth to designated heirs, wealthy families turn to specialized trust and estate planning attorneys to help navigate the complex legal and accounting requirements.

Many of these individuals want to contribute some portion of their wealth to charitable organizations, academic institutions and causes that have been important to them. But too often, no expert resource is available to provide guidance on this aspect of trust and estate planning.

Simply designating a non-profit organization as a beneficiary in an estate plan is fraught with problems:

  • How can you be sure this organization is the right beneficiary to support the change you want to see in the world?
  • What if the organization becomes ineffective?
  • What if the organization's mission changes?
  • What if the organization has a scandal involving the misuse of funds?
  • How will you ensure your vision for how donated funds are used is satisfactorily honored over time?
  • What if a better organization emerges to tackle the issue you care about?

A well-designed philanthropic strategy can be a core component of your trust and estate plan. It can help you avoid these problems and ensure that your wealth most effectively impacts the causes you care about.

Our Services

Global Philanthropy Group has unparalleled experience helping high net worth families design philanthropic strategies that maximize their impact on the issues they care about. Our services include:

Strategy design

Our team of philanthropy experts works closely with you, your family and your legal team to design an effective strategy to ensure that the philanthropic aspects of your trust and estate plan are as carefully constructed as your legal, tax and accounting considerations.

This process includes:

  • Rigorous due diligence on the full landscape of organizations and interventions working in your area of interest to see where and how your dollars would be best deployed;
  • Performance metrics, and grant disbursement requirement clauses to create a system for monitoring effectiveness;
  • Risk assessment to understand an organization's ability to maintain its effectiveness and viability in the future.

Implementation support

Global Philanthropy will work with your heirs and your legal and accounting teams to educate your heirs on your philanthropy goals and to support the effective implementation of your philanthropic strategy once your wealth has passed to your estate.

This service includes:

  • Education sessions with heirs to ensure a full understanding of your philanthropy vision, strategy, grant requirements and what makes for effective philanthropy;
  • Individual meetings with potential grantees to structure grant agreements with clear, measurable goals and systems for monitoring and evaluation;
  • Convening regular family meetings to oversee implementation of and adherence to your philanthropic goals;
  • Facilitation of continued family involvement and oversight through annual reporting on impact and where appropriate, placement of heirs on Boards of Directors for grantee organizations.